"Mike was available when my pipe burst, in my back yard, and after advising me how to turn off the water, he assured me he'd be there soon. He showed up about a half hour later, fixed the problem quickly, and asked a fair amount for his time. I highly reecommend Mike for any sort of handyman help you need.

Patrice R. - Avondale

"Mr. Corfield presented himself professionally and changed all the locks on my rentals, when i had tenants skip town on me, and I found his work to be excellent. He certainly is a "Good 'ol boy" but a perfectionist at heart. Very polite too.

Bruno W. - Phoenix

Mike the mechanic dude fixed my brakes on my car and he did a really good job and he was cheap!

Matt R. - Tempe

"Mr. Handyman came out on a weekend to help me with my swamp cooler which was not fuctioning properly. After just a few hours, and a few trips to Home Depot, the man had if blowing cold air! Excellent!

Jerry N - Phoenix

"Mr. Mike is such a fine young man and does such fine work. I'm from Georgia and his southern respect is wonderful. He is very helpful, even carried in my groceries for me in the middle of installing my new shelves!
I strongly recommend this young man."

Lillie B - Avondale

"When I wanted to build a vocal booth for my home studio, Mike was able to accomplish the task for a fraction of what I would've paid a "professional". Pretty damn professional if you ask me! Thanks Mike!

Steve C. - North Phoenix

"Mr. Corfield arrrived quickly and fixed our toilet which had been leaking and sticking quite a bit. I'm too old to do this sort of thing anymore so my wife called him. He came all the way out to Sun City for less than what local plumbers would've charged! Only $200! Fine young man by the way. Very respectful. Called my "sir". Liked that!

Ron S.. - Sun City

"Mikes Handyman Service has been maintaining the grounds of my business, pressure washing the parking lot, painting the exterior, structural repairs as needed, obsolete equipment disposal, etc for years and has never failed to complete every task with excellence. Very happy this guy exists."

Joe T. - Scottsdale
Mike says "Ya'll go do somethin' fun today, ya hear?"
Some of His Services

Home Repairs

Fixture Installation




Lock Changes

Basic Auto Repairs

Window Glass Replacement

Pressure Wash Driveways

Junk Removal

Swamp Cooler Maintenance

Irrigation System Repairs

Alarm Installation

Property Cleaning

Carpeting Removal

Much More... Just Ask!
If you need a job done, you can count on Mike!
For more information: Mike@MikesHandymanService.biz
Mike, better know as "Kentucky Mike", is a good 'ol boy from Kentucky who's spent over 30 years honing his skills, the old fashioned way, through hard work and an amazing work ethic.

His skills range from Carpentry to Alarm Installation to Irrigation Repair... Heck, he can even do minor repairs on your car, like brakes, water pump, alternator, stereos, headlight replacment, change tires, etc...

Handyman Service
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